Gnossiennes: No.5 - Erik Satie Satie, Reinbert de Leeuw

This song renders instant goosebumbs. A song stuck between summer and autumn. Melancholic happiness written by a mastermind and performed by his best interpreter. When you want to pause the world for 3:24m, this is the button.

The Wanderer - Eden Ahbez

Eden Ahbez had a great influence on making the album 'Moonlit Planetarium'. He's an artist that puts nature and a certain degree of asceticism in a humble spotlight. And as i'm a sucker for spoken word, it's no surprise he sculpted my world. He never wanted his name to be written in capitals, for capitals were devine and he's merely a servant of their wonders... He also died alone in a cave i thinkā€¦

Lipstick - Ariel Pink

It's very hard to pick just one Pink song. What I especially love about this artist is his getting away with nearly anything. A weird blend of shoegaze, kitch, pop, funk, soul,... combined with a dramatic lightness of popcomic storytelling. Hilariously serious. As you may have noticed, i always like combinations of opposites.

Dijf Sanders