BECK - Hollow log

Pure nostalgia back from my lo-fi teenage period in Bruges. The perfect simple campfire trip. Guitar, voice and and a romantic absurdity. There will never be a better Beck than the early one. This makes me feel like a 200 year old happy old soul. 

Jon hassell - power spot

Old skool king of early organic electronics. Predecessor of shaman music. Deeply haunting and beautiful. I first discovered this artist whilst on tour in Italy. An Italian doctor booked me and choose this music (actually, it was the album 'JAVA' from Jon Hassell) to play before the gig started. I was sold immediately!

tarawangsawelas - kecemasan

This is my medicine. When you want to exile yourself, get away for a while and get back without spending a cent, then this is it. Tarawangsa is an ancient and lost art from Indonesia. Very rarely played. It's all about the tarawangsa (a one string 'violin') and an accompanying kacapi (kind of citer). Timeless and ever so poetical. I met this band in Java while recording my last album and they were so kind to play for me their art, resulting in the track Teguh (on my album 'JAVA").

Dijf Sanders